Thursday, July 18, 2013

Never fully dressed...

Exhaustion Regime

Exhaustion Regime by kmvstyle featuring a matte finish foundation

Well, Friends, it is no secret...I'm pretty shallow when it comes to showing my face in public.  It's a rarity to find me out and about without, at least one, piece of statement jewelry.  Barring gym days...then it's all black Lycra...everybody looks good in Lululemon (true story!).  That said, even on gym days, I have some combination of makeup on.  I mean, it's a natural look (not sporting falsies!), but I wouldn't be caught dead in public without concealer and bronzer!  These days, though, I have been feeling (and looking!) pretty tired.  Every single item pictured is used at least once throughout the day.  Sadly, many get visited several times throughout my travels...looking at you Age Rewind, Burt's Bees and, of course, my beloved Dunkin!  That said, even on my most exhausted day, I feel put together.  Thanks to these remedies (that I promise don't take more than a few minutes to slap on!), I feel like a total human being leaving the house.  A pretty one, even!  And, isn't that the goal?!

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