Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cats and Dogs...

It's raining again...

It's raining again... by kmvstyle featuring a belted trench coat

So, I'm feeling a little uninspired at the moment...because it is pouring...again.  I am, however, determined to be productive.  This is a topic typically reserved for Spring or early Fall.  But, with the soggy Summer we've been having... paired with daily storm clouds predicted for the next week... I think it's a topic worth brushing up on.  It's quite simple, really....rain gear.  The only way to appear polished in a torrential downpour is simple.  Stay dry.  A belted trench is your new best friend.  I prefer traditional tan, with the color accent on my wellies (necessity #2), and umbrella (#3!).  That said, nothing brightens a day more than sunny yellow on a dreary day!  I happen to own a wide array of  wellies in varying shades of blue and green (might have been slightly obsessive about getting the perfect pair for a time), but I may need to set my sights on the gold Union Jacks above...and brushing up on my faux British accent!  Too cute!  So, should these June showers hold on a few days longer than we'd all like, no worries!  Grab a belted trench in your favorite shade, pull on some Hunters (they even look great with shorts!), and head out to puddle jump...just don't forget your umbrella!

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