Friday, November 14, 2014

J.Crew Never Fails...

It has been widely questioned, when my style blog, became a strictly J.Crew concept blog.  I will preface that it is not meant to be.  I feel, somewhat, inclined to explain my undying allegiance to J.Crew.  And, although this area is not intended to be any sort of fan club, I will always be loyal to a brand that does not ever seem to disappoint.
For me, it dates back a couple decades, and begging my mother to order the iconic barn jacket in navy for me.  The timeless rollneck in every color of the spectrum.  And that bandeau polka dot bikini?  I swear, if I still wore a two piece, it would continue to be the best suit ever!
There came a time, however, that I became responsible for my own clothing budget and, although still favored, I was drawn to less expensive, "fast fashion."  Oy.  Can we just burn all the college year pics, please?
And alas, after college, I began a long, and storied, career in retail and merchandising.  My first job was at a wildly popular, albeit largely inappropriate, collegiate mainstay of clothing.  I developed a vast knowledge of work ethic at that very company...but, fashionista, I was not.
My stylist tendencies were rooted, strictly, in "dress up" scenarios.  Any other time, you'd find me in low rise jeans, a too-tiny tee and flip flops.  Any guesses?
So, as it turns out, I was not a born stylist.  Flashback a decade.  I was a newlywed, a new mom, and adapting into my "adult" life.  And, I was not dressed appropriately for any of it!
So, I made a that my best friend still recounts me telling her.  I would head back to J.Crew.  That's where I would find my new rooted heavily in denim, but with much more flash and fancy!  I shopped so much in those first few weeks, that I got offered a part time job!  Which definitely helped a lot with affording my new style, although my ex-husband would still grossly disagree!
And, although I am a successful stylist today, working with countless brands and budgets, from Old Navy to go to has been, and will always be, this...
I ADORE the holidays!  The decor, the fashion, the parties, the red against ivory!  And the return of the cocoon coat!
 The side zip has been so popular this it on this jacquard pullover...with the best holiday party pants ever!  Pull on (moi importante!), and a gorgeous shade of red!
 This is, inevitably, how I envision my family decked for one of our NYC treks.  You know, all winter white for me, sequin skirts on the girls.  My boy, super cool, in his blazer.  Bitter temps and filthy city streets always seem to intervene.  Maybe this is my year?
 So many favorites in one pic!  The chateau parka is perfection...obviously...and selling so quickly.  I have yet to meet one person that is not madly in love with the Turner pant...and, in this outrageous shade of blue, get it now!  This flannel was gone in an instant...the only reason you haven't seen it on my Instagram!  The sequin trim sweatshirt has been a crowd favorite...and comes in (cue the drum roll) blush!  You've seen this scarf, in solids, all over instagram... but this plaid is my dream!
 More jammies!  And the newest Hugo Guinness...dazzling, with a little sparkle!
 Another shot of the matchstick necklace...must have!  And this geo bomber is now on sale...just saying.
 Just another reminder that the camel cocoon exists...paired with a sweater/sweatshirt combo.
 You know me...loving the blush moment!  Here is the sequin hem sweatshirt I mentioned.  Gorgeous!  The matelasse pant is stunning!
 More winter white...and with a whisper of heather grey...just too pretty!  The cashmere infinity scarf should be on every one's wish list.  So luxe.  And, let's take a moment with this rhinestone trim sweater...
 Enough for you?  The braided rhinestone detail is perfection!  A classic...with a little flash of fancy!
 This look screams the winter season, for me!  Nordic sweater, broken-in jeans and the cutest red knit cap!  So festive!
Ending on the sequin banners, and these pops of red!  Against the ever-classic black and white palette.  I feel pretty confident in my chosen style roots.
Have you found your style inspiration?


  1. I really appreciate these posts! Thank you SO much. J. Crew is without question my go-to/favorite store.

  2. Me too! Your blog is much more fun than J Crew's style guide!!

  3. I also love and look forward to your posts!

  4. Are these photos taken from Garden State? I haven't seen many of these items yet- hopefully soon they will appear in the store. I totally agree with you about the JCrew aesthetic- no one else comes close to covering all the bases. A few misses but mostly hits. I agree about the Turner pants- hated them at first but now I like them. Not sure if they have the longevity of the café capri/ Maddie pant style but they are a fresh alternative. I have suggested them to many of my clients and they have agreed once they can figure out what shoe and how to style them. LOVE the matelassé pants- so perfect with flannel and sequins and the fringe top too.

  5. Oooh! I really really want that plaid flannel shirt in the fourth pic! Has it been released yet? It's so pretty!

  6. do you have any info on the sweater in the second to last photo? (the turtleneck with red cap)... material, cost?


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